First Anniversary Gift Ideas


Following the age old tradition, a first wedding anniversary gift is paper.  We've compiled a collection of paper gifts to fit the style of your other half.  

Framed wedding print 

Lightly Gilded Custom Wedding Photo from Minted

If you haven't framed any photos yet from the wedding, a professionally framed photo could not be a better gift idea.  Pick a pose that's timeless and encapsulates the feeling from the day.  Pair it with a card that shares what you were thinking in that moment and what you can't wait for in the future to really knock your partner's socks off.  

Wedding photo album 

Layflat Photo Album from Artifact Uprising

The layflat album is one of our favorites because it's only about 25 pages, which makes it the perfect coffee table book.  Set in an editorial style, it's big and bold spreads of the moments that mattered most at the wedding.  Think of it as one photo from each pivotal moment of the weekend.  It's sure to transport your partner back to that moment.  


Customized Coordinate Notebook from Etsy

We find the custom coordinate notebook to be a more clever gift.  If you had a destination wedding, this is the perfect gift for your partner because you can use the location of where you hosted the wedding.  It's also a great idea to get a 3-pack for your bride or groom with (1) the location of your first date (2) the location where you proposed and (3) the location of the wedding.

Personalized Stationary 

Gold Foil Stationary from Minted

Minted has some of the best stationary in the business.  Particularly for a bride who's changed her name, new stationary can be a perfect gift to celebrate the age old tradition.

Wedding Vows

Custom Calligraphy Wedding Vows Keepsake from Etsy

If you wrote your own vows, encapsulating them in a piece of art would be a beautiful touch to your home.  It's something that won't scream wedding yet will still take your significant other to the moment every time they see it. 

Wedding Print

Our Vows Wedding Print from Minted

If you prefer something that feels more wedding, then you can't go wrong with a wedding print from Minted.  This one in particular professionally frames a wedding photo.  You can add your personal wedding vows to it, a love poem or a reading from your wedding.