September Goals


It's the official kick-off to fall and the perfect time to refresh goals.  To me, fall is about about cleansing and a fresh start.  Here's what I'm doing this month to kick off the new season. 

Photo compliments of One July Photography

Photo compliments of One July Photography

Goal #1: Restructure the blog 

The site has been growing month over month [thank you for reading!], and it's time we revisit the strategy on what type of content do we want to share and how do we want to categorize it.  If you have an opinion, I'd love to hear it below!

Goal #2: Revitalize my eating habits (post Italy) 

So I already know I'm going to come home feeling like a little meatball.  While I'm going to try and use my Pure Barre On Demand membership overseas, I know I'll be out of routine.  I'm planning to eat clean (potentially paleo) the last two weeks of the month and plan time for rest.   I know this means I'll need to meal prep.  It's hands down the only way I succeed.  Any tips you can share with me below? 

Goal #3: Refocus on what I want for the long-term

I've been meditating on a few new projects to come to fruition, and the Universe is starting to bring them to life.  Lately, I've been feeling scattered and spread thin.  When that happens, I know it's time to get focused on my north star While we're in Italy, I'm going to envision what I truly want for the future and have some long talks with my hubby and parents over copious glasses of vino.    How do you plan for the future?  I'm always open to new tips - share with me below!

Goal #4: Re-energize my relationships 

Summer is a time full of lots of plans and energy, but I feel like it gets so booked up you can lose touch with others.  In September, I'm focused on re-energizing my marriage (which starts with Italy).  As an entrepreneur who works full-time, you can imagine it cuts into my free time.  My husband feels that more than anyone else.  This month I'm going to do my best to get into a better cadence.  

I'm also focused on re-engaging with friends I haven't seen all summer.  Recently, I read Nicole's blog on Cedar + Rush about thank you cards that really inspired me.  The moral of the story is a CEO would write 5 thank you notes by the end of the day on Friday every week.  I love thank you notes, and I'd love to start sending more notes to friends with a friendly hello.  If you have a spare minute, I'd highly recommend reading the article, which I linked above.  

What are you focusing on in September?  Do you see fall as a time to refresh? 


Jen Naye Herrmann

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